Seven Deadly Dates

Who's the right sin for you?

You've studied latin for a few months and you accidentally read a passage from your textbook which lands you in a demon speed dating bar. Unsure of how to get home, you decide to ride it out and see how things go.
Maybe you'll even find a date! Or maybe you'll find death? Who knows...

Meet the sins

Art by @SleepyBunsu


Meet up with cute girls, find the endings and get achievements!

Seven Deadly Dates
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Created by MythiKiwi
© 2022

The Prideful


"I truly am the greatest!"

VA: PurorangeA sweet ray of sunshine. Or is that what she wants you to believe? An angel cast down from heaven for being too 'amazing', she now wanders lost to find new followers. Life's pretty hard as a fallen angel, but she'll never admit she is one. If you find her, make sure you have earplugs.

The Wrathful


"I will take down those who stand in my way!"

VA: Shellah
A hero from a past time, now spends her time trying to make her "Demon Resistance Team" a real thing. Although, it's a complete and utter failure so far. Sathana spends her time trying to make people do the right thing, even if it means resorting to violence to get her own way.

The Gluttonious


"I'm hungy, will you share your bugs with me?"

VA: Grimberriz
Bell is always looking for a good meal, but specifically she has a taste for absolutely disgusting things. Her favourite meal? A lovely roasted cockaroach. Other than that, I suppose she's somewhat normal...
Or is she?

The Greedy


"Time is money."

VA: SparkyworRich and selfish, she owns the biggest bank in hell, the "MEGA INTEREST" bank. She eats, drinks and breathes wealth, and will not talk to you unless you're willing to contribute to her lifestyle. Are you prepared to make a deal with a dragon?

The Envious


"Is this seat taken...?"

VA Zephyr: Meggie-Elise
VA Vyne: Squidi
A sinner who only just made it into the bar, she wishes she has what everyone else has. She tries to keep her thoughts to herself, but her lovely tail Vyne always reveals her true intentions. Shy and reclusive, she does her best to interact despite her cripplingly low self esteem.

The Slothful


"I'm too tired for this..."

VA: Chelsea Simmons
Overworked and needs a good nap. Asche is a reaper who works herself 24/7, and whenever she gets a break (rarely) she always uses it to sleep. She isn't really looking for a date, as she was dragged into this situation by her friends. Despite this, she's trying to make the best of a bad situation, and maybe make a new friend. She will probably never say her full name, as it's too long.

The Lustful


"Hey there sweetie~ You look lost..."

VA: Tiffany Witcher
Aylish is a promiscuous succubus who owns the bar alongside the bartender, her husband. Despite being married, he highly supports her joining in the speed-dating and even encourages her to bring someone home. Flirty and loves to live on the wild side, you'll never have a boring moment again.